Running your own business?

It sounds like a wonderful idea. It should mean that you get to choose how and where you spend your time.

When you start work, and when you stop.

When you spend time with family and friends.

When you focus on the job.

However, the reality is often very different. For most of us, every minute of every day can be a battle for our head space.

That’s why I decided to Tame my To-Do List and share it with you so you can tame yours too.

There’s a never-ending list of admin tasks to do apart from the work you actually get paid for!





Answering the phone

And the list goes on and on and on...

Busy Fool

Download this eBook and it will explain the system I’ve developed that’s enabled me to make a real and positive change to my life and my business.

If you implement this system you’ll:

    • feel happier and less stressed in your business
    • appreciate being more in control of what you do
    • enjoy having more time for friends, for family, for leisure, and for fun.

And actually ‘live the dream’ of doing what you want, when you want to do it – without feeling guilty.

You’ll be able to have – and enjoy – the freedom you dreamed of when you became your own boss.

Taming the To-do List

Taming the To-Do List

Or how to feel happier and less stressed in your business!

Purchase and download your copy today.

Taming the To-do List

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Sean’s method of getting my to-do list organised has been a game-changer. I was ok at prioritising and worked hard but there never seemed enough hours in the week.

Using Sean’s method and tool has meant I can plan effectively for the whole week, sleep easy knowing everything is scheduled and even got some semblance of work/life balance back.

It makes it easy to track the impact of the work, and those distracting, low priority tasks that bundle into your head at exactly the wrong time can be set aside and kept at bay.

My staff all have their own versions, I can keep track of their project outcomes and they feel reassured that their week is structured and manageable.

I recommend this tool 100%.

Jon Bugg

We Are Doodlebug