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Software Development & Mobile App Development

It's important to remember that, unlike off-the-shelf software that can be easily priced, specialist software development and mobile app development is a completely different animal. The initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation, but because each project is different and will have its own unique timeline and level of intricacy, we won't be able to quote you an exact price until after you meet us and we've all agreed the best way forwards.

However, there are two things we can guarantee: if you're working to a specific budget, we will offer you the best solution possible within those constraints. And if any unexpected problems arise that will cost a little more money to overcome, we will always offer you the most cost-effective workaround and wait for your approval before we continue the work.

As a very rough guideline, here are a couple of case studies detailing how two recent development projects broke down for our customers.


Customer Requirement:

Microsoft Windows Application to download counter data from a network device and upload to their existing web application database.

We estimated that this would take two 'sprints' which in this case was two weeks.

Actual Cost to customer 1440


Customer Requirement:

Windows Software with a web based back-end allowing them to create data updates for the software. The software was to allow the user to answer questions and produce printed reports if required.

Initially we estimated three 'sprints', however in practice it took a little longer however the cost to the customer was exactly what we quoted.

Actual Cost to customer 1879