Seamless Software Solutions

What sort of mobile app do you need?

An app that's cutting-edge corporate and reflects the professionalism of your business, or an app that's a little more fun, maybe designed for a specific marketing campaign? For many businesses, mobile apps are the most valuable tool at their disposal. But it's a highly competitive, forever-changing marketplace and new technologies and devices are being introduced all the time. If you can't stay ahead of the pack, you've lost the race.

At Syrinx we don't just follow the latest fashion or try to anticipate the next short-lived trend, we combine the best of all worlds to create mobile apps that not only look great, they're intuitive, innovative, and carefully crafted to get you the results you're looking for.

Syrinx have produced an iOS (iPad) app which has been an excellent addition to my sales process

What about multi-platforms?

Not an issue. We can tailor your solution to perform seamlessly on any number of different devices and across any platform (such as Android or Apple iOS) and because we've been involved in mobile development since the industry was young, we have the knowledge to anticipate and offer solutions to problems you might not even have thought about - from configuring the app to match different screen layouts and screen types (i.e. touch screen), to making sure the app reacts effectively to various data entry methods (i.e. keyboards or voice control).

What's the development process?

After you've told us what you want, we won't just leave you in the dark or provide you with a rough early prototype until the final product's ready, like some of our competitors do. We'll give you real working software so that you'll know how the final app will look and perform, allowing you to test the product in real time and give us your feedback so we can fine-tune everything to your exact specifications. At Syrinx, we don't hide behind a curtain like The Wizard of Oz - we are always here to speak to, and we will always keep you engaged and in control of the development process. We're proud to be your extra-ordinary IT partner, and that means real partnership - working together to bring your app to life.