Seamless Software Solutions

What Do You Need?

Syrinx Systems are specialist providers of innovative, high-quality software. Whatever your requirements - from desktop or internet (Cloud) based applications, to software deployments designed to work across a wide range of mobile devices and platforms - Syrinx can meet your needs and exceed them. Want to access your data at anytime, anywhere? We can do it. Want to extend the life of your existing desktop products? We can do that too, by providing seamless web-enabled interfaces. Need a unique piece of software that nobody has ever developed before? We're the team you can trust to make that software a reality.

But there's more! Even after your product's been signed-off and delivered we can continue to roll out updates and improvements, making sure your software always functions at the highest level, ready to do whatever is required. Nobody can offer ?future proofing' but here at Syrinx we aim to get as close to future proofing as possible.

Regular showcase updates by Syrinx help to demonstrate progress

What's your pain-point?

We understand that everybody's pain-point is different. Maybe you want a small modification to improve the performance of your current systems, or perhaps you need something entirely new that will operate either as a stand-alone or could integrate seamlessly with your existing software? We have more than 50 years combined experience working in the IT industry, consistently delivering proven award-winning solutions, so whatever your requirements - from the smallest software fix to a major system build - there's no pain-point we can't make better!

How much will it cost?

We offer an initial no-fee no-obligation consultation, during which we'll listen carefully to what you want, understand the systems you already have in place, discuss your options and suggest the best and most effective ways forward. The nature of developing specialist software means that it's impossible to have a ?set' pricing structure because each project has its own timeline and level of complexity, but this is the moment when we'll discuss your budget and tailor a solution to meet it. And you can be reassured there will be no nasty surprises along the way - everything we do is absolutely transparent, you will always maintain control of the project, and if there are any unexpected extra costs we'll wait until you approve them.