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About Us

Hi. We're Sean and Venitia and we're the small but perfectly formed team behind Syrinx Systems! Believe it or not (and if you don't believe it, we like you already) we have more than fifty years combined experience working within various sectors of the IT industry, creating new software as well as developing and supporting off-the-shelf software systems, advising clients on how to get the very best out of their technology, and providing a full range of engineering services.

If you've watched Sean's video introduction (it's on the homepage and if you haven't seen it please take a look because the special effects and cast of thousands cost us a fortune) you'll already have a small insight into what we believe makes Syrinx so special, and the honest, transparent and collaborative way we like to work with our clients. How do we make that happen? Because we both bring very different but complementary skills to our roles in Syrinx Systems, which means we have a complete holistic understanding of what is required at all levels of the software development process.

We are experts at drilling down into the finer details of a project to ensure no creative or innovative stone is left unturned, and we always make certain that our clients receive solid and lasting benefits from the software we produce. Just as importantly, because we're the only two people that you'll ever be working with - we never outsource any part of a project to another developer - you can be assured of our complete support from initial consultation, through the various development stages, to product delivery and beyond. That's right - we'll even guarantee you excellent after-sales service for the entire working life of the software. That's something many of our competitors don't offer.

To put it simply: when you work with Syrinx, you really are receiving the complete package.

Become a Syrinx Revolutionary!

We're dedicated to changing the industry norm that customers and developers shouldn't really mix, which means our clients not only have full transparency of what we're doing, they can also talk directly to us - the developers - whenever they have a concern. This ?no gatekeeper' philosophy is key to an exciting new education programme we've developed and launched, so sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know about any breaking news as it happens. We'd love you to become a part of the Syrinx revolution!