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About Syrinx Systems Limited

In business, it's crucial to play your best hand isn't it? That means knowing what's in your pack, and having an ace up your sleeve! Why do clients choose us to be in their 'Top Trump' pack? Have a look at some of our trump cards:

Sean and Venitia have known each other and have worked together for a number of years, developing and supporting off the shelf software systems and providing a range of engineering services within the IT industry.

Together they have become highly accomplished at understanding and interpreting requirements at all levels, drilling into the detail to ensure that their creative and innovative solutions bring real benefits to their customers.

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Myths and Legends

What's in a Name? Well if you are not into Mythology or Classic Rock, you may be right in thinking that "Syrinx" isn't something that naturally rolls off the tongue! If you are having trouble with the pronunciation, you can limber up with a few repetitions of "Syr·inx" or

There is no doubt that Syrinx is a name that is being talked about, even if it is occasionally in the context of miss-pronunciation! We have been referred to as "Shrinks Systems!" and "Syringe Systems!", and whilst neither are technically correct they are nonetheless quite amusing!

Now if Greek Mythology is your bag and you prefer to hear the romantic and dreamy version of how we chose our name to help you remember us by, then read on....

Syrinx pursued by Pan
Syrinx was a nymph and a follower of Artemis (The Huntress). Syrinx was pursued by the amorous Greek god pan, and to escape his advances she ran to the river's edge and asked for help from the river nymphs. The river nymphs transformed her into hollow water reeds. The reeds made a haunting sound when Pan's frustrated breath blew across them so he cut the reeds to fashion the first set of pan pipes which became known as Syrinx.

If you prefer the stuff of legends (and in this case replace legend with a legendary 1970s Canadian Rock band) then you may want to remember us how we originally intended, in this way......

Rush 1976 album 2112
2112 (pronounced "twenty-one twelve") was an album by Rush and was released in 1976. The lead track on the album looked at a futuristic view of the world, where it was controlled by the "Priests of the Temples of Syrinx." The Priests relied on an elaborate set of "great computers" to control all available information. They had little tolerance for individuality or creativity that didn't conform to their plan.

We have no plans to create such a temple, however we do plan to build great software, promoting individual creativity and providing you with innovative solutions to solve your business problems.

We are very happy to have such a distinctive name, so however you choose to remember us, we want to encourage you to remember one thing, we are
Syrinx Systems Limited.

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