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Other Products

Over the years, Syrinx Systems have created, designed and built a number of successful off-the-shelf software products. Here are some examples, all of which are still available for purchase. If you want to know more, GIVE US A CALL OR DROP US AN EMAIL!

MFT Recorder

The Syrinx MFT Recorder is a companion mobile app for use alongside the highly successful Megger MFT1730/1835 and MFT1553 series multi-function installation testers. Itís extremely easy to use Ė all you have to do is start the app and the Syrinx MFT Recorder will utilise Bluetooth to capture real-time results as they are sent out from the instruments. Each result is clearly displayed on the Recorderís screen and automatically receives a unique date and time stamp so that you can pause and play back your recording at any time to check your work.
The Recorder also incorporates a hands-free method of operation. For example, if you use the Recorder in conjunction with a mobile phone, the screen will continue to give you a visual indication when the result is received, but you will also receive a confirmation vibration alert and an audible confirmation tone from your mobile device.

Syrinx Pager / Syrinx Monitor

Donít you agree that itís important to stay ahead of problems? We think so too and thatís why we developed the Syrinx Pager and Syrinx Monitor, so you wonít have to wait for your customer to tell you if thereís a fault on one of your systems, youíll already be aware of the issue and ready to deal with it as soon as it appears.

In essence, the Syrinx Pager and Syrinx Monitor are two separate applications which, when theyíre combined together, can provide you with the ultimate proactive and reactive solution. Theyíre both compatible for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices and the Syrinx Monitor can also be managed via any PC or laptop that has an internet connection.

Syrinx Locator

Have you ever been worried about the safety of a loved one and wished you knew where they were, just to be sure theyíre okay? We know what that feels like, and thatís why we developed the Syrinx Locator. Itís a simple product but the comfort it gives will help put everybodyís minds at rest.