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Developer++ Coaching

So you’ve mastered frameworks, unravelled the mysteries of Inheritance, and you’ve even aced Polymorphism and bounded quantification – but somehow you still can’t escape the feeling that there is so much more to becoming a first-class developer.

That’s why we created our unique coaching programme Developer++, to take you on a journey of enlightenment that will unlock your complete potential, and teach you to think and function like the top tiny percentage in your field.

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Having worked with a lot of software developers over the years, I found working with Sean a positive and refreshing change.

Why Coaching?

One of the most exciting things about software development is that we never stop learning. There are always new innovations, new concepts, new skills to acquire. But those are hard skills, and if you want to succeed in this business – if you truly want to be the best – hard skills will only take you part of the way.

Developer++ is a unique coaching programme designed to unlock your complete potential, tailored exclusively to your needs. We’ll give you the tools that few people talk about but which are more important than ever – tools that won’t only make you a successful developer, they will help you to achieve a happier, healthier and more successful life.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll gain from Developer++ Coaching:

  • Learn the importance of mindfulness

  • Improve productivity

  • Fine-tune creative thinking

  • Release stress and anxiety

  • Become a more effective communicator and manager

  • Master important presentation and interview techniques

  • Improve clarity of thought & general wellbeing

  • Improve focus and concentration to enhance time management

  • Energise your sales and marketing by learning a holistic ‘helicopter’ approach and developing more intuitive strategies

  • Reach and exceed your professional and personal goals while also enjoying a more fulfilled and contented life

Developer++ Coaching Packages

You have already invested considerable time and ‘sweat equity’ in learning your development skills.

Now take the step that only the bold few ever do -
– Invest in yourself, and realise your complete potential.

αlpha - £360 + VAT

Content: 4 x 45 min (approx) sessions inc. Motivational Map

βeta - £720 + VAT

Content: 8 x 45 min (approx) sessions inc. Motivational Map

V2.0 - £1750 + VAT

Content: 8 x 45 min (approx) sessions inc. Motivational Map
2 courses or workshops (content typically determined by session outcomes and agreed by you in discussion with your coach)